Take control of what your clients are allowed to edit.

The most powerful Elementer add-on for you and your client!

Simplified experience for you and your clients

You control what should be edited, your clients are presented with a simplified editing experience.

Page Access

Control access to any page or post.

Access control should start at the source of the layout. With Access Manager for Elementor you now have the option to restrict access to any page or post within any post type! Yes, even Elementor templates! Why give access to pages clients can potentially break? Simply lock the page from editing access. It’s a true game changer!
Element access

You have the power to control access to any element on the page.

Only want to give a client access to change a specfic image or maybe some text on a page? No Problem!
With Access Manager for Elementor you can set access restrictions to any Elementor element within the editor layout. Sections, containers, columns and every widget type, you name it, if it can be edited, it can be restricted. 
Simplified experience!

Settings access

Remove access to element controls that clients shouldn't edit.

Only want your clients to be able to change an image and not the size or maybe change some text and not the color? Elementor is a powerful tool with many settings, but for clients this can be overwhelming and confusing, putting them at risk to potentially break your design. With Access Manager, you are now able to hide settings from your clients, preventing them from having access. Allowing you to show only the settings you want to grant clients the ability to edit. Simplified success!

More features, more control

Natively integrated into the Elementor workflow.

Elementor global templates

Access control settings on global templates update for every instance on your website that template is used. Make changes once and updated everywhere.

Elementor templates

Elementor templates retain all applied access settings. Apply access settings once and use everywhere. So Easy!

Elementor theme parts

Theme template parts such as headers and footers retain all applied access settings, but with an extra option to control editing access from within the editor. Really cool

Navigator integration

Access control is integrated into the Elementor navigator. Making navigating and setting access control on your layout fast and efficient.

Intuitive and efficient

All access settings are designed with a special parent to child workflow. Making restricting a layout is as easy as a couple clicks. Easy, intuitive, simple.

Activated when needed

Designed to be nonintrusive. All access control settings can be activated when needed.

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