Activating UAE with the new Elementor editor top bar UI

Step 1: Activating the new Elementor editor top bar #

The new Elementor editor top bar is a new feature and at this time it needs to be activated within the Elementor settings. 

WP dashboard -> Elementor -> Settings -> Features -> Editor Top Bar (activate the feature)

Step 2: Activating AME in the editor #

AME by default is not active when you are editing a page within the Elementor editor. In order to set access control on page elements AME needs to be activated. This helps keep restriction controls from being intrusive during the design process.

In the Elementor editor top bar, locate the AME activation icon (lock button). When AME is not active for the page the button will be gray in color.

To activate AME simply click the lock button. The activation button will turn red indicating AME is active and you are now able to set access restrictions for the layout. 

Note: Once AME is activated for the page it will remain active until deactivated.